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Cautions for Daily Use of Lithium Batteries

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  Cautions for Daily Use of Lithium Batteries

  1. Battery's electrode wiring is the place where problems easily occur in this season, so we should pay attention to checking at any time. Check whether there is aging or short circuit in each part of the circuit. Prevent premature decommissioning of batteries due to excessive discharge. When checking, if there are green oxides in the connection of the electrodes, remember to wash them off with boiling water. If these green oxides are not removed, it will cause insufficient power generation of the generator, make the battery in a state of power shortage, and in serious cases, lead to the early abandonment of the battery, or can not hit the car. After washing off with boiling water, the water should be dried by compressed air, and then sprayed with special protective agent to prevent the re-emergence of oxide layer.

  2. Maintenance of ignition system is related to whether the vehicle can start, so the plug should be carefully checked to see if it is rusty. Once rust occurs, professional cleaning agents are used. In addition, spark plug maintenance can not be taken lightly.

  3. Charging system should focus on checking whether the belt of generator has aging or cracking after high temperature and rain. If this does not happen, remember to look at the belt tightness. If the belt is too loose, it will cause the belt to scream and wear early; if the belt is too tight, it will cause the eccentric wear of generator bearings.

  4. Batteries are not used for a long time. They will discharge slowly until they are discarded. Therefore, the car should be started at regular intervals to recharge the batteries. Batteries have a certain service life, and should be replaced in a certain period of time.

  5. Sometimes the engine can't start on the way. As a temporary measure, we can turn to other vehicles for help. We can use the batteries on their vehicles to start the vehicle, connecting the negative and negative poles of the two batteries, and connecting the positive and positive poles.

  6. The density of electrolyte should be adjusted according to the standards in different regions and seasons.

  7. Distilled water or special rehydration should be added when electrolyte is lacking. Do not use pure drinking water instead. Because there are many trace elements in purified water, it will cause adverse effects on storage battery.

  8. When starting the car, the continuous use of the starting machine will cause the battery to be damaged due to excessive discharge. The correct way to use it is to start the car for no more than 5 seconds and start again for no less than 15 seconds. The reasons should be found from the circuit, ignition coil or oil circuit in the case of multiple start-ups without driving.

  9. In daily driving, it is necessary to check whether the orifices on the battery cover are ventilated or not. If the small hole of the battery cover is blocked, the hydrogen and oxygen generated can not be discharged out. When the electrolyte expands, the battery shell will be broken and the battery life will be affected.

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