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Mineral lamp lithium battery

Special equipment, communication base station, island power station, frontier guard post, rail transit, medical equipment, emergency reserve, security communication, exploration and mapping

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Energy storage lithium battery pack refers to all kinds of emergency energy storage batteries. With the improvement of cycle life, working environment and environmental protection requirements of various application systems, lithium batteries are equipped with more and more energy storage related systems because of their unique characteristics of high voltage, high capacity, long life, environmental protection and pollution-free. Its supporting systems include household energy storage system, military portable energy, portable emergency communication power supply, solar street lamp system, communication power supply system, monitoring station working power supply system, integrated energy storage system, solar power generation system, etc.。 

Applications:Telecommunications, communications, solar energy storage battery, UPS uninterrupted power supply, nuclear power station, hydropower station, wind power storage, mobile communication base station, street lamp and city lighting project, emergency lighting, forklift, car starting, lighting, fire prevention, alarm, safety system, etc.

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