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Cautions for Use of Lithium Batteries

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  In order to prevent leakage, heating and explosion of lithium batteries, the following precautions should be taken:

  It is forbidden to immerse lithium batteries in water. When they are not used, they should be kept in a cool and dry environment.

  It is forbidden to use and retain lithium batteries beside hot and high temperature sources, such as fires, heaters, etc.

  When charging, please choose a special lithium ion charger.

  It is strictly forbidden to use batteries after reversing the positive and negative poles.

  It is strictly forbidden to insert lithium batteries directly into power sockets.

  It is forbidden to throw lithium batteries into fires or heaters.

  It is forbidden to connect the positive and negative electrodes of lithium batteries directly with metals, resulting in short circuit.

  It is forbidden to transport or store lithium batteries with metals such as hairpins and necklaces.

  No knocking, throwing or trampling on lithium batteries, etc.

  Direct welding of lithium batteries is prohibited.

  It is forbidden to penetrate lithium batteries with nails or other sharp tools.

  Look out

  It is forbidden to use or place lithium batteries in high temperature (direct sunshine or hot automobiles). Otherwise, lithium batteries may overheat, ignite or function failure, and shorten their life.

  If the lithium battery leaks and the electrolyte enters the eyes, please don't rub it. Rinse the eyes with clean water. If necessary, please go to the hospital immediately for treatment, otherwise it will hurt the eyes.

  If any abnormal phenomena occur during the process of odor, heating, discoloration, deformation or use, storage and charging of lithium batteries, remove the lithium batteries from the device or charger immediately and stop using them.


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