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Lithium Battery 24V8AH for Raw Material Equipment

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  Introduction of Lithium Battery Batteries for Instruments and Equipment

  Product Introduction

  One core:

  1. Core system: Bangliwei power core system has three-component lithium system, polymer lithium system and lithium iron phosphate system.

  Core design and production assurance:

  2.1 Pure Materials

  2.2 Explosion-proof Design

  2.3 Overcharge and Overdischarge Design

  2.4 thermal shock protection

  2.5 Anti-vibration, Extrusion and Anti-drop Design

  2.6 Short Circuit Protection Design

  Second protective plate:

  Protective panels for lithium batteries for solar energy are designed to protect the safety of lithium batteries and provide battery life. Coordinating the efficient operation of the system.

  1 Overvoltage Protection: Preventing Lithium Electricity from Overcharging and Overdischarging

  Overcurrent Protection: Preventing Overcurrent of Lithium Electricity in Use

  3 Over-discharge Protection: Preventing Lithium Overdischarge

  4 Overcharge Protection: Preventing Lithium Electricity Overcharge

  Short Circuit Protection: Protect the product when short circuit occurs.

  6. Temperature protection: When the temperature exceeds the range in the use of lithium-ion power, it should be protected.

  Overpower protection: When the load exceeds the power requirement, the lithium battery should be protected.

  Characteristic of three batteries

  1. Easy to operate, plug and play;

  2. High efficiency, energy saving and stable power supply;

  3. Core products have high performance and safety.

  4. According to different application design, it has strong pertinence and reliable use.

  5. Long life to meet different use scenarios.

  _Application of Lithium Batteries for Instruments and Equipment

  1 Cosmetic Apparatus

  Medical equipment.

  3 Internet of Things equipment.

  4. Mobile terminal equipment such as POS.

  Portable equipment.

  _Voltage and capacity of lithium batteries for common instruments and equipment:

  Voltage: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, etc.

  Capacity: 2AH - 100AH

  Note: It can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.

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